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Conformance to


CSA 0122-06,

CAN/CSA 086-09 

CSA 0112.9-10

CSA 0112.10-08

CSA 0141-05 (R2009)

CSA 0177-06 (2015)


Preparing for 

ANSI PR 320-2015 

Advanced technology and modern building codes are expanding the opportunities for wood in construction.

Wood products offer advantages in terms of material, construction and environmental costs.


Wood is a renewable and responsible choice that helps reduce our environmental footprint.


Mold in First Nations is a problem and many communities struggle to build equity within their community for future generations because mold destroys the homes often within 8-10 years.

The problem is caused by using stick construction with the dew point of the inside of the house, unnecessary thermal loss, condensation, water trapped, mold.

Simply put replace stick built with solid wood approx. 105mm thick because unlike drywall, solid wood walls particularly cross laminated timber its very durable, robust, but warmth of wood inside the home. 

Guardian Solution uses our design, equipment, materials including fiberglass, cross laminated timber as a completed pre-fabricated assembly that is easily to handle, ship, install even in remote locations.

Guardian design, builds, with a home warranty by Aboriginal Insurance company underwritten by Lloyd of London.


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