Design Build Notice

When a Contractor states Design Build it means CCDC unless otherwise disclosed and signed off by Guardian.

The Owners Statement of Requirements must be clearly defined by the Design Builder prior to Guardians estimate proposal.


Guardian supports Design Build, as a manufacturer only and never as a consultant, engineer of record or subcontractor or contractor whether prime or joint venture. Guardian does not sign Design Build Contracts whether CCDC or not.

At no time does Guardian act as the Consultant who is the Architect and/or the Engineer of Record


The Design Builder has total control of the Design and who hires a Consultant to be responsible for the entire project. 

Guardian quotes include a line item stating SHOP DRAWINGS which means Guardian hires a third party engineering company to provide a P.Eng stamp specifically as Guardians products at the place of work being Guardians plant. The Deign Build Contractor pays Guardian and Guardian pays the third party engineering firm who has worked on behalf of Guardian products specific to that site and place of work. 

Shop Drawings are drawings, diagrams completed in 2D CAD by Guardians third party company and in tandem Guardian produces 3D Solid Works to illustrate the details of portions of the Work at the place of Work.

When the shop drawings are complete the Solid Works generates a Bill Of Materials will be weighed against the estimated proposal with its fixed m3 and fixed price per m3 with adjustments against the final design being approved for fabrication by the Design Builder.

The Design Builder is solely responsible for the Design and Build means, methods, techniques, sequences, and procedures, costs with respect to the Work whether the owner is or not.

Guardian highly recommends and supports the CCDC documents as it clearly defines the responsibilities and point of reference for all involved. 

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