Is about working with the Architect, Engineer of

Record, Owner as the Mass Timber Specialist hired from concept through design development to substantial completion.

We are compelled to promote:

  • off site manufacturing

  • on site assembly


When hired to do so, Guardian Design Assist mitigates risk early, manages cost and helps our clients team deliver the sustainable buildings that they choose delivered faster because ..."time wins"

A discussion about the project which often includes concept, REVIT or CAD files


Meeting to discuss the project budget, parameters, geometry, loads, objectives, constraints, etc.


Then follow up with a proposal to define the project from concept into a 3D model from our mass timber specialists to provide more detail as defined in REVIT and our Structural Finite Element.


The objective is to have a 2D and 3D model completed with the proposed Bill of Materials for the project team to review and comment as a working design that complies with the owners statement of requirements.

As mass timber specialists who manufacture we can provide the early knowledge required to save time and money.

Guardian as a manufacturer of products provides P.Eng stamp on mass timber to mass timber connections only, as the Engineer of Record provides the product sizing, loadings with his or her P.Eng stamp.

Guardian proposals and contracts will state Design Assist Role, Shop Drawings, Mass Timber To Mass Timber Connections, etc. 

Contact:                519-831-9989


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