Nail Laminated Panels



NLT is allowed by building codes in both Canada and the USA (NBCC and the IBC).


NLT qualifies as Heavy Timber as long as it is "well-spiked together" and the depth is at least 64mm for a roof and 89mm for a floor (see NBCC 4b/6b and IBC 602.4.6.1).

NLT does not require an "alternative solution" application.

Guardian has been nail laminating since 1996 with bridges and later buildings as NLT is created from dimensional lumber stacked on edge - 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, or 2x12 at 1-1/2" on center - and fastened together with nails.


For building applications OSB or Plywood sheathing is often added to one top side to provide a structural diaphragm. 

Connections are to be designed by a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of Ontario, in accordance with CSA Standard O86 and CSA S16.

Design nailing between laminations to transfer all loads and provide the intendedstructural performance, but not less than the recommended nailing per "Nail
Laminated Timber Canadian or US Design and Construction Guides".


Design plywood or OSB splines between NLT panels and their nailing to transfer of the diaphragm loads shown or implied.


Design screw connections between NLT panels and nailers, and bolted connection of nailers to steel beams or walls, to transfer diaphragm loads shown or implied.

Shop Drawings

.1 Submit shop drawings in accordance with Engineer specifications,

.2 Shop drawings are to be submitted in PDF format.

.3 Connections and details, joint patterns, material specifications, and finishes,including an erection layout.

.4 Clearly indicate stress grade, service grade, appearance grade, shop applied finishes, shop and erection details, temporary intermediate supports of composite NLT panels, panel orientation, including cuts, holes, fastenings
and connection hardware and camber.

.5 If requested by the Consultant, submit connection design calculations, stamped by the Engineer responsible for the design.

.6 Each shop drawing and calculation submitted shall bear stamp of a qualified Professional Engineer licensed in the Province of Ontario.

.7 In lieu of grade stamping lumber exposed to view, submit manufacturer's certificate certifying that wood products meet or exceed specified requirements

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