Glulam Storage On Site

Glulam must be protected from exposure to water, sun, snow, humidity, etc during transportation including Storage on Site which is always the responsibility of the purchaser.

The purchaser can ask Guardian to provide written advice prior to sale,  which will be on the Guardian Invoice.

A Penetrating Wood sealant or stain must be applied to the Glulam by the Purchaser to resist checking, cracks, cupping, grain raising, end grain cracking, splits or damage to the glulam that is beyond the control of Guardian. 


There are many providers of penetrating wood sealants, stains ....and perhaps Sansin is a good resource to start looking for a high quality products.

It is a must for the purchaser to seal the glulam after leaving the plant prior to exposure and the Purchaser will need to take their responsibility seriously using  their means and methods. For example when it comes to storage, leave the sealed glulam beams at least 16 or 20 inches of the ground (air flow), and properly covered and supported to resist cupping,  and never allow vegetation, plants to grow in and around the storage area, always allow air flow and always keep the sealed glulam covered,  to prevent exposure to the sun, heat, rain, snow, etc. It is particularly important to use sufficient sealant, stain as directed by the manufacturer paying alot of attention to the ends of the glulam beams meaning end grain, top/bottom/sides of glulam beams at least 2 or three feet in typically requiring  two coats or three coats to resist cracking, grain raising. If the purchaser cuts the sealed glulam follow the directions of the penetrating wood sealant, stain manufacturer as it requires recoating to protect your beautiful investment.

Water-resistant wrappings are often specified to protect beams from moisture, soiling, and surface scratches during transit and job site storage. Because exposure to sunlight can discolor beams, opaque wrappings are recommended. Beams can be wrapped individually, by bundle or by load tarping. In applications where appearance is especially important, individual wrapping should be left intact until installation to minimize exposure to job site conditions.


Even with the application of high quality wood sealants and stains,  there remains the possibility and likelihood of season checks and or cracks that can naturally develop as the wood will be seeking equilibrium  and  even after the building has been enclosed for example if it heated or cooled too quickly.

Guardian does provide application of water repellents, sealants, stains at an additional charge using the products chosen by the purchaser as part of their due diligence.

Please read below and contact Guardian regarding any concerns.

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